Fire protection concepts and reports
Plus comprehensive service for your project

Documents for a variety of purposes

Our fire protection experts draw up fire protection concepts and reports for you, for a wide variety of purposes including

  • Submission to authorities having jurisdiction, AHJ
  • Submission to insurance companies to determine insurance premiums
  • The basis for making investment decisions

Project support

We provide an all-round service as your reliable fire protection specialist

  • Fire protection support from the design to completion
  • Support during the official approval process
  • Verification of concept implementation after project completion
  • Consultancy services for all organizational, system-related and construction-related questions on the topic of fire protection

Customized fire protection concepts

Fire protection concepts need to be tailored to meet individual requirements. Especially when the architecture is a little out-of-the-ordinary.

With state-of-the-art calculation methods and our many years of experience, we adapt fire protection concepts in line with your specific needs, ensuring that your site functions as reliably and efficiently as possible, and can be used to the full.