About us
An introduction to the IBS - Technische Büro


As your expert partner, the IBS – Technische Büro supports you with planning and implementing fire protection measures for your projects.

Taking into account the design of the building and how it is used, we ensure that the local codes, standards and guidelines are complied with. The ongoing support means we identify shortcomings and implementation problems quickly, and can save money by suggesting construction-based, technical or organizational alternatives.

We provide all-inclusive fire protection planning services

  • Draft design
  • Submission planning
  • Official procedures
  • Detailed planning
  • Quality assurance for construction-related fire protection
  • Approval inspections

Company history

Inaugural general meeting of the BVS – Brandverhütungsstelle für Oberösterreich reg. Gen.m.b.H
Fire prevention body authorized to carry out material tests and issue certificates
Ongoing activity of the state-authorized testing institute in its present form begins
Extension of the accreditation of the testing institute to cover devices and equipment for preventative fire protection
The state-authorized testing institute becomes the independent IBS – Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung GmbH
Foundation of IBS – Technisches Büro GmbH
Extension of the area of ​​activity to include prevention in the area of ​​natural hazards, such as hail and slope water
Business permit extended to “master builder planning”
Increasing involvement in prevention in the field of natural hazards, such as hail and slope water.


Ing. Karl Wagner
Managing director
Upper austria
+43 732 7617-840
  • General attested and legally certified authority for fire protection and fire investigation
  • Certified fire-protection expert
Iris Birklbauer
Assistant to the management and divisional management team
Upper austria
+43 732 7617-840

Divisional management

Ing. Helmut Berghahn
Divisional management
Upper austria
Fire protection of buildings
+43 732 7617-340
  • Certified fire-protection expert
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hans Starl
Divisional management
Upper austria
Slope water prevention
+43 732 7617-874
  • Master-builder
  • Authority for natural hazard prevention
Lydia Bergbauer
Assistant to the divisional management team
Upper austria
Slope water prevention
+43 732 7617-842
Iris Birklbauer
Assistant to the management and divisional management team
Upper austria
+43 732 7617-840

Qualifications – fire protection

All our team members are highly-qualified fire protection experts who ensure that the plans for your projects can be relied on.

  • Generally sworn and court-certified technical experts for fire protection
  • Certified technical experts for preventative fire protection (EIPOSCERT)
  • Testing experts for fire protection-related construction monitoring
  • Test engineers for component and construction materials testing as well as fire and smoke tests
  • Technical experts for fire and explosion investigations
  • Technical experts for fire authority inspections
  • Trained experts for engineering methods in the field of fire protection
  • Members of the OIB’s Expert Advisory Council for Construction Engineering Guidelines and the committees of Austrian Standards International and the TRVB working group
  • Architects and construction engineers

Qualifications – prevention of damage in the event of natural hazards

The development of effective measures for protecting against damage/injury in the event of natural hazards needs comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge.

Our team comprises

  • Trained master builders
  • Auditors for the “Natural hazard and climate change check for municipalities” (BMLRT – Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism)
  • Technical experts for drawing up concepts for preventing damage/injury in the event of natural hazards and for quality assurance related to the implementation of the measures in these concepts
  • Experts for simulations for drawing up preventative concepts related to surface drainage

As a company, we are

  • A member of the “Fachkommission Elementarschutzregister” (FER – Natural hazard protection register expert body)
  • Member of the GDV’s Swiss “Natural hazards” expert group
  • Active member of the standards committee ONK 256 “Schutz vor Naturgefahren” [Protection against natural hazards]
  • Active member of the standards committee ONK 176 “Belastungsannahmen im Bauwesen” [Stress assumptions in the construction industry]


To ensure we are and will remain at the forefront of science and technology, actively sharing knowledge with other experts is indispensable.