Slope water prevention
Protection concepts for existing
and planned buildings

Water drainage calculations

Where does the water flow in a particular area after a short period of heavy rainfall? We investigate this using simulation calculations and pinpoint drainage areas that usually have not been identified before.

Woods, fields, meadows or roads are often the main drainage areas when there are no bodies of water in the near vicinity. We identify the drainage areas near you and help you to take preventative measures to protect your site as effectively as possible.

Detailed simulations

The more data we have, the more accurate the simulations’ findings concerning slope water drainage are. An on-site visit that augments the data provided is a significant help.

We identify

  • The effectiveness of protective measures under simulated conditions
  • Any potential risks to your site with respect to slope water and other natural hazards
  • Problem areas with relation to the building itself, the boundaries of the plot of land and the area surrounding the site

Based on the simulations, we develop solutions to enable you to prevent water ingress and identify money-saving potential when buildings are adapted and new buildings are planned.

EPZ – Elementarschaden Präventionszentrum

The EPZ offers competent advice on the prevention of elementary damage for developers and builders, architects, planners and municipalities.