For tailor-made fire protection concepts

Customized fire protection concepts

Fire protection concepts need to be tailored to meet individual requirements. Especially when the architecture is a little out-of-the-ordinary.

With state-of-the-art calculation methods and our many years of experience, we adapt fire protection concepts in line with your specific needs, ensuring that your site functions as reliably and efficiently as possible, and can be used to the full.

State-of-the-art calculation methods

  • Fire simulations
  • Smoke simulations
  • Escape route analyses
  • Site-related, non-standard fire tests and on-site smoke testing

All calculation methods are based on digital, editable plans and information about what the simulation is to verify. Various other documents are required, depending on the task in hand.

Scope of service

  • 3D programming and site visualization
  • Calculations
  • Analysis of the results
  • Creation of a comprehensive expert report
  • Verification of required fire protection goals using flexible simulation methods
  • Cost optimization due to economic dimensioning of components, smoke extractor systems and escape routes
  • Replacing rigid fire protection regulations with protection-focused, site-specific fire protection concepts

We are also happy to advise you should you have any questions related to fire protection, as well as to support you with planning work, official procedures and operating approvals.