For tailor-made fire protection concepts

Fire simulations of buildings

We minimise your costs by optimally dimensioning building components, smoke extraction systems and escape routes. With simulations, we replace rigid fire protection regulations with protection-goal-oriented and object-related fire protection concepts.

We offer you:

  • Fire simulations
  • Smoke simulations
  • Object-related special fire tests and object smoke tests

The basis for all calculation methods are plans that can be digitally processed and the information on what is to be verified by the simulation. Depending on the task, various other documents are required.

Escape route analyses

We can investigate the safety of people in buildings and open spaces using escape route simulations. We use this to evaluate the following typical questions:

  • Is it permissible to fall short of the required escape route width? This happens, for example, in historical buildings that are being converted.
  • What building emptying times can be expected in event venues or stadiums?
  • Are traffic jams to be expected? How do flows of people “function” in normal building use (without escape behaviour)?

Simulations for surface water

We examine your property and the surrounding area for the risk of water damage or water ingress during heavy rainfall.

We use simulation models and surface water maps to identify surface water risks.

We evaluate the simulation results and advise you on which – often simple and cost-effective – measures will protect you from damage.

Simulations for building component development

We support manufacturers of building products (doors, gates, …) in product development. For this purpose, we model your design and evaluate the temperature passage and the expected deformation with a simulation calculation.

This allows

  • to carry out planned optimisations on existing products virtually and to show the effects.
  • examine several designs and subject only the most promising to a cost- and time-intensive fire test.
  • to significantly reduce development times and risks.
  • to understand the processes during fire testing inside brewing products.

Scope of service

  • 3D programming and site visualization
  • Calculations
  • Analysis of the results
  • Creation of a comprehensive expert report
  • Verification of required fire protection goals using flexible simulation methods
  • Assessment of components to be modified or new components for their suitability for the fire resistance test