Fire inspections outside of
Upper Austria
Technical expert assignments on
behalf of building owners

Drawing up protocols or expert reports

Are you the owner of a public or commercial building outside of Upper Austria and have to apply for the fire inspection yourself? Just arrange an appointment now.

Our experienced technical experts carry out the fire inspection for you in line with the local codes, standards and guidelines valid in your state (e.g., the Carinthian fire and hazard regulations). Our specialists then draw up a report and send you the document for submission to the authorities.

What happens if shortcomings are identified?

If discrepancies are identified, the authority will require the shortcomings to be rectified.

We will be there to provide advice for you and the companies you have commissioned to rectify the shortcomings, and our specialist knowledge will help you to implement functional solutions.

We carry out a follow-up inspection once the shortcomings have been rectified. If the local codes, standards and guidelines are complied with, we certify the repairs. Depending on the stipulations valid in your state, the document is to be resubmitted to the authorities.